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LIVE and Online September 22nd and 23rd, 2020

9:00 am


9:10 am

Virtual Orientation and Opening Remarks

9:15 am

Opening Keynote: Creating a Collaborative Culture Through Strong Leadership & Technology

Given the proliferation of data and ongoing introduction of new technologies, we are seeing disruption like never before. Organizations of all sizes and industries are digitally transforming to better serve customers, drive productivity and remain relevant in this competitive environment. During his keynote, Kevin Peesker, President of Microsoft Canada will discuss culture as a key driving force behind an organization’s transformation journey, and how HR and the CEO can partner together to drive cultural transformation in this tech intense world.

Kevin Peesker

President, Microsoft Canada

9:45 am

Panel: Enabling a Human-Focused Approach to HR Through Automation

Artificial intelligence, digitization and automation are disrupting many industries. HR is at the front line of this transformation and must enable employees to acquire the skills needed to thrive in the digital era, whilst maximizing the opportunity to free themselves of tedious, administrative tasks and focus on a more human centric, strategic and results-driven approach. During this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Assessing the benefits of technology in the context of your organizational needs
  • Quantifying the success of HR technology
  • How do you measure the impact of the tech-enabled shift to more strategic, people- focused HR?
  • Upskilling employees to refocus on valuable contributions to business goals that drive the success of the organization
  • Aligning HR strategy with the pace of automation advancement


Dick Burke

CEO, Envoy Global

Sandy Olejniczak

Vice President, Human Resources, Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company

Amanda Holmes

Head, Talent Acquisition, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan

10:30 am

Tech Talk by Sun Life

10:50 am

Networking Coffee Break

11:20 am

Technology Adoption Done Right

In today’s technophile society it’s expected that people have the skillset to quickly adopt to new technology. However, this isn’t always the case, especially when there are so many bells and whistles being released daily. Whether it’s your existing management team or your employees – if they’re not aligned with your vision, the investment you make in implementing a new tool will fall by the wayside. Are you prepared for the resistance to change and the frustration employees will have with incorporating a new tool? If you don’t have a plan on how to increase adoption rates, then this is the session for you. In this session, Aaron Hudson, Divisional Vice President of Implementation at ADP Canada will highlight the factors that contribute to the adoption of new technology within an organization. You will learn:

  • Actionable steps to take to align new technology with your overall strategy
  • How to gain buy-in and commitment early on from your end-users and leadership team
  • Best-In-Class Design from the user’s perspective
  • What prevents technology adoption
  • How to improve technology adoption among practitioners and employees and
  • Via a case study, examples of how a large-scale organization rolled out a perfect implementation

Aaron Hudson

Vice-President, Implementation, ADP Canada

11:40 am

Leveraging Technology to Increase Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement is certainly a complex terrain and top of mind for organizations of all sizes to ensure employee retention, productivity and overall business success. Organizations that are integrating technological tools as part of engagement strategies are greatly transforming their employee experience. In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Maximizing tech-enabled opportunities for engaged, collaborative working
  • Using technological tools to increasing learning opportunities
  • Integrating employee-centric systems to increase productivity and engagement

Kirsten Maddocks

Vice President, People, CPA Ontario

Amy MacGregor

Vice President, Employee Experience, Global HR, Manulife

12:10 pm

Tech Talk by Culture Amp

12:30 pm

Session by Ultimate Software

1:00 pm

Networking Lunch Break

1:20 pm

intelliHR Interactive Workshop

1:50 pm

Power Talk: Driving Diversity & Inclusion Through Technology

Diversity starts with inclusion. Developing equitable hiring systems, building inclusive cultures and establishing transparent people practices - this is how HR can foster a diverse workplace, so all people feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work, resulting in high-preforming, engaged and creative teams. Technology can help enable this. During this session, we will cover:

  • Leveraging recruitment tools to mitigate biases during the hiring process
  • Integrating communication tools to provide self-awareness of team inclusion
  • Reducing biases and sentiments internally through language processing tools amongst employees

2:10 pm

Tech Talk by Perceptyx

2:30 pm

Closing Keynote: Collaborating to Ensure Digital Workplace Success

Are you planning or in the process of integrating a new HR platform or technology across your organization? Those who embrace new technologies, platforms, and ways of working with their IT counterparts now, will be much better placed to meet employee expectations, business requirements, and maintain team productivity, in the future. Hear from XYZ’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer on how they have successfully collaborated to execute a successful HR tech initiative.

3:00 pm

Networking Time

3:30 pm

Conference Concludes for the Day

9:00 am

Registration and Welcome Remarks

9:10 am

Breakfast Workshop by Ceridian

9:40 am

Opening Keynote: Preparing for the New Future of Work

The way we live and work is rapidly changing. Technology and its advancements impact the way we work, interact with each other, and how we go about our day-to-day. We have adapted, and organizations must to do the same.

  • Assessing the ways technological advances and demographic shifts are changing the way people work
  • Navigating the HR revolution that will reshape the future and businesses
  • Addressing trends such as the gig economy and freelancers
  • How must the HR industry prepare for this change?

Eric Termuende

Co-Founder, NoW Innovations

10:10 am

Tech Talk by Achievers – Rewards & Recognition

10:30 am

Join 15Five Interactive Workshop

11:00 am

Networking Break

11:30 am

Fireside Chat by Capital One

Diana Brown

Chief People Officer, Capital One

12:00 pm

Transforming HR Data into Business Insights

HR leaders today are drowning in data. The real challenge lies in collecting and analyzing the data sets that provide the most relevant and meaningful insights to contribute to executive-level decision making.

  • Choosing the right tools to collect and analyze HR data from a large number of disparate platforms
  • Developing the infrastructure, capabilities and processes to effectively manage data within HR teams
  • Gleaning powerful insights to support your CEO and executive team
  • Leveraging HR data while remaining people-centric
  • Reducing employee turnover rates with HR analytics

Geoff Ho

Director of Research and Advisory, Rogers Communications

Lyne Parent-Garvey

CHRO, Hydro Ottawa

Gloria Pakravan

Head of People Strategy & Performance, Toronto Police Service

12:45 pm

Tech Talk by VMware

1:05 pm

Networking Lunch

1:35 pm

Create a Culture of Feedback with Employee Journey Analytics

Feedback Matters. It is truer now than ever before.  Join us as we share how organizations are evolving their experience management strategy with our innovative approach to understanding and engaging with employees to optimize the impact of talent initiatives. During this session, we will share our vision for breaking down siloed measurement, disparate data sets, and clunky employee experiences and building a unified solution that creates synergies in your IT environment and accelerates the impact of employee analytics on your business. Learn how to connect instantly with employees and achieve a holistic understanding of your employee sentiment so you can improve individual performance, increase organizational success, and foster a culture of innovation throughout the employee journey.

Justin Taylor

Chief Customer Officer, Explorance

1:55 pm

Leveraging Process and Technology to Increase HR’s Value Add

Hatch’s HR team has been on a journey to deliver better and more efficient service to its global organization, which would result in better resource utilization and more capacity to deliver strategic and high value initiatives to Hatch. Core to this strategy has been the development of self-service tools and a more centralized service centre for HR transactions. Both the service centre and self-service environments have been enabled by web-based tools, resulting in measurable improvements in service delivery. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Our vision for HR service delivery and resource utilization
  • Our service delivery model
  • The role that technology has played in bringing our strategy to life
  • The impressive results we are starting to see

David Neilly

Global Director, Human Resources, Hatch

2:40 pm

Closing Keynote: Brining Humanity Back into the Workplace

There are so many daily moments when humanity and empathy are needed at work. Employees are humans first, and somewhere along the line, we forgot this. Claude will empower us to contribute powerfully to our cultures by looking through the lens of being 100% human at work. You will be inspired to push your company and culture into action! You will be empowered to bring empathy into your organization! And you will know how to create a sense of belonging, cultivate purpose and celebrate joy! You will walk away with the essential elements and methodologies to create strong teams that drive culture forward with a sense of motivation and collective energy!

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer, Vayner Media

3:10 pm

Conference Concludes

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