How can technology boost diversity and inclusion?

Avery Francis (Founder, goodrecruiter and Senior Consultant, Bright + Early) reveals how cutting-edge technology can help you take workplace diversity and inclusion to the next level.

What can HR tech do to help your startup business?

We catch up with Emma Hunt (Head of Talent, Looka) to discover how the latest HR tech developments can help startups prosper.

Find out how AI is the key to a versatile workplace

Jamie Hoobanoff (Founder, The Leadership Agency) explains how new AI technology is a massive boost to running and organizing a versatile workplace.

Discover how AI is transforming workplace organization

We ask Penny Farinha (VP of Human Resources, Ecobee) how the latest developments in AI provide a golden opportunity for revamping workplace organization.

Why employees should embrace AI rather than fear it (with Josh Bersin)

We speak with Josh Bersin, renowned industry analyst and founder of Bersin™ by Deloitte. The #HRTechSummit opening keynote speaker shares his insight into the integration of artificial intelligence within the employee and candidate experience.

HR Tech trends that will emerge in 2020 (with Christa Degnan Manning)

Christa Degnan Manning is the director of HCM Innovation at Ultimate Software and was a speaker at #HRTechSummit Toronto in June 2019. In her interview with us, she shares her expertise on HR innovation to give us a glimpse of what the future may hold.

HR Tech Summit: the leading global event series covering innovation in human resources

Innovation continues to grow at rapid speed with technological disruption and automation transforming the workplace across organizations of all sizes. The HR Tech Summit series brings together thought leaders for a unique experience of keynote presentations, tech talks, demos, interviews and engaging activities.

Is AI a threat to jobs? (with Matt Charney, editor-in-chief of RecruitingDaily)

Matt Charney, Editor-in-Chief at RecruitingDaily and Chief Content Officer at Allegis Global Solutions, joins the HR Tech Summit in Toronto. He shares his thoughts as to why he believes AI technology is a positive disruptor in the HR industry.

Can recruiters use social media to attract new talent? (with Amanda Ono, vice president of Resolver)

Amanda Ono, vice president of Resolver Inc. Joins the HR Tech Summit in Toronto sharing her thoughts as to how she believes recruiters can attract audiences to their social media posts.

Can the Global Talent Stream benefit IT professionals? (with Stephen Sherman)

Stephen Sherman, lawyer/avocat at Campbell Cohen, joins in a short interview at #HR Tech Summit Toronto discussing how the Global Talent Stream can benefit IT professionals granting them faster access into Canada.

Are internet trends destructive? (with Todd Burns, Sales Director of Avature)

Joining #HR Tech Summit Toronto is Todd Burns, Sales Director at Avatur. He discusses internet trends: how can they be destructive? And why should the IoT be looked at seriously? Burns explains how smart technology - artificial intelligence, drones and blockchain - will disrupt HR processes in the future.

Introducing Odoo! A all in one business software (with Bastien Foerster, head of operations at Odoo)

Bastien Foerster is the head of operations at Odoo and a speaker at #HR Tech Summit Toronto 2019. In his interview with us, he explains what Odoo is all about and what tech trends will be shown in 2020.

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