Talent Stream


8:00 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:25 am

Breakfast Workshop by Ceridian

8:50 am

Sessions from 9:00 am to 10:00 am will be taking place in the Main Stream. Sessions in the Talent Recruitment & Technology Stream will commence at 10:55 am

8:55 am

Welcome Remarks

9:00 am

Opening Keynote: Preparing for the New Future of Work

The way we live and work is rapidly changing. Technology and its advancements impact the way we work, interact with each other, and how we go about our day-to-day. We have adapted, and organizations must to do the same.

  • Assessing the ways technological advances and demographic shifts are changing the way people work
  • Navigating the HR revolution that will reshape the future and businesses
  • Addressing trends such as the gig economy and freelancers
  • How must the HR industry prepare for this change?

Eric Termuende

Co-Founder, NoW Innovations

9:40 am

Session by Achievers

10:00 am

Networking Coffee Break & Interactive Workshop

Join 15Five for an interactive workshop from 10:15 am to 10:45 am! Learn more here.

10:55 am

Recruitment in the Age of AI

AI is on the rise. From chat bots to intricate hiring algorithms, technology is revolutionizing the way we recruit, streamlining transactional tasks and cutting through high volumes to bring the most qualified talent to the fore. In this session, learn how to incorporate technology into your recruitment processes and secure the right talent quickly and efficiently.

  • Analyzing the latest tools that are changing the recruitment landscape
  • Overcoming challenges when applying AI in recruitment
  • Retaining the human touch in the recruitment process
  • How can you detect and avoid potential biases when using AI in recruitment?
  • Shifting the role of recruiters from transactional to value-adding

Corey Shaw

AVP, Talent Acquisition, Canada Life

Pamela Leslie

National Lead, Talent Acquisition, McDonald's Canada

11:35 am

Session TBA

12:05 pm

Tech Talk by Avature

12:25 pm

Networking Lunch

1:15 pm

Create a Culture of Feedback with Employee Journey Analytics

Feedback Matters. It is truer now than ever before. Join us as we share how organizations are evolving their experience management strategy with our innovative approach to understanding and engaging with employees to optimize the impact of talent initiatives.

During this session, we will share our vision for breaking down siloed measurement, disparate data sets, and clunky employee experiences and building a unified solution that creates synergies in your IT environment and accelerates the impact of employee analytics on your business. Learn how to connect instantly with employees and achieve a holistic understanding of your employee sentiment so you can improve individual performance, increase organizational success, and foster a culture of innovation throughout the employee journey.

Justin Taylor

Chief Customer Officer, Explorance

1:35 pm

Afternoon sessions in the Talent Recruitment & Technology Stream will commence from 1:40 pm to 3:10 pm. The networking coffee break and closing keynote will be taking place in the Main Stream.

1:40 pm

Attracting Millennials & Gen Zs in a Tech Savvy World

Within the next decade, millennials and Gen-Z will be the most dominant generation in the workplace. This massive shift in the make-up of the workforce means employers need to start thinking differently about how they attract and engage these new generations. In this session we’ll discuss:

  • Leveraging technological tools and platforms to recruit millennials and Gen Z
  • Communicating your organizations value proposition using appropriate digital platforms
  • Engaging young employees through their technological preferences and effective, integrated communication tools

2:10 pm

Tech Talk TBA

2:30 pm

Creating a Candidate Centric Interview Process

In an increasingly competitive market for talent, organizations need to create exceptional recruitment experiences that turn top candidates into employees. In this session we will discuss:

  • Understanding candidate expectations of a consumer-level hiring experience
  • Creating a seamless tech-enabled recruitment journey
  • Using and optimizing mobile platforms
  • Modernizing communication processes with candidates

Noel Correia

Global People, Culture & Talent Acquisition Leader, Cognizant

Corey Shaw

AVP, Talent Acquisition, Canada Life

Amanda Holmes

Head, Talent Acquisition, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan

3:10 pm

Networking Coffee Break

3:45 pm

Closing Keynote: Bringing Humanity Back into the Workplace

There are so many daily moments when humanity and empathy are needed at work. Employees are humans first, and somewhere along the line, we forgot this. Claude will empower us to contribute powerfully to our cultures by looking through the lens of being 100% human at work. You will be inspired to push your company and culture into action! You will be empowered to bring empathy into your organization! And you will know how to create a sense of belonging, cultivate purpose and celebrate joy! You will walk away with the essential elements and methodologies to create strong teams that drive culture forward with a sense of motivation and collective energy!

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer, Vayner Media

4:15 pm

Summit Concludes

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