LIVE and Online September 22 and 23, 2020


Main Stream

  • Creating a Collaborative Culture Through Strong Leadership & Technology
  • Enabling a Human-Focused Approach to HR Through Automation
  • Leveraging Technology to Increase Employee Engagement
  • Power Talk: Acing Your Employee Performance Management Process
  • Collaborating to Ensure Digital Workplace Success
  • Preparing for the New Future of Work
  • Transforming HR Data into Business Insights
  • Leveraging Technology to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace
  • Integrating Digital Onboarding for Better Retention
  • Transforming Workplace Wellness through Technology
  • Unlocking People Performance

Talent Recruitment & Technology Stream

  • Preparing for the New Future of Work
  • Recruitment in the Age of AI
  • Attracting Millennials & Gen Zs in a Tech Savvy World
  • Creating a Candidate Centric Interview Process
  • Unlocking People Performance
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