Nora Diaz de Leon

Human Resources Director, Tinder

Nora is a decisive, resilient, and innovative leader with 16+ years successfully leading teams to achieve unprecedented organizational goals. She has experience working in a breadth of industries, spanning from healthcare, insurance and tech. Known for developing impactful programs and initiatives that drive business growth and employee engagement, including onboarding and retention, leadership development and employee recognition.

Nora joined Tinder in 2019 as the Director of Operations for the People team, supporting a 500-employee company. With a fast and growing organization, she has helped create synergies at speed and scale by implementing initiatives that align to the global HR strategy. Nora continues to collaborate with leaders on fostering a culture that is rooted in, and aligned to, Tinder’s core values.

My interest in joining HR Tech Summit 2021

I am looking forward to hearing insights and experiences from my peers in how they have overcome obstacles and challenges in the last year, where we have moved into a new way of working and ways in which work from home has been reimagined.