June 10, 2021 | 10:10 am-4:20 pm EST

5 CPD hours

10:10 am

Registration & virtual orientation

10:25 am

Opening remarks

10:30 am

Morning keynote: “Don’t call me boss” – Inside Twitch’s HR strategy

What makes a good culture? Is it communication? Is it inclusivity? It all comes down to what works for your employees and your strategy. Lenke Taylor, Chief People Officer at Twitch, the Amazon-owned live gaming platform, will discuss how they hired over 500 people remotely and created a culture of non-hierarchical HR.

  • Managing teams remotely while keeping them engaged
  • How Twitch hired over 500 people remotely and maintained their culture of non-hierarchical HR
  • Navigating disruption during an expansion period
  • Examining your interviewing and onboarding process
  • How do you create virtual programs that ensure new hires understand the culture?

Lenke Taylor

Chief People Officer, Twitch

11:00 am

Onboarding experience – using AI to remove biases from the recruitment process

Unconscious bias plays a big role in whom we hire whether that’s racism, ageism, and sexism. But we have come to a time that companies are disposing of any form of prejudice from their hiring process to attract diverse candidates.

  • Removing biases and roadblocks when recruiting talent
  • Rolling out the right policies and strategy to facilitate these tools
  • How to use AI to make sourcing and screening decisions based on data points
  • Using AI to ignore demographic information about candidates
  • Human interaction to oversee decision making in AI decision making

11:30 am

Panel discussion: Hybrid and remote working as the new normal? Preparing for the new landscape of work

The overnight shift to remote work last year has had a significant and lasting impact. Many large organizations have announced their permanent shift to hybrid working as their new normal, but are we prepared for what is on the horizon?

  • Creating a solid policy for hybrid working
  • Tech tips on how to ensure equity between remote and office-based workers
  • Top digital solutions to foster a collaborative environment away from the office
  • Implementing support and recognition initiatives

Jennifer Bouyoukos

CHRO, Entertainment One

Drew Calcagno

Chief of Staff, Google

Av Maharaj

Chief Administrative Officer, VP Legal, Corporate Affairs and HR, The Kraft Heinz Company

12:15 pm

Networking & coffee break

12:40 pm

Performance management in a virtual world

Remote working arrangements have changed the way that managers interact with their employees. With fewer daily touchpoints between managers and their employees, HR teams are looking to technology to help with managing employee performance.

  • Leveraging tech to assess and measure remote employees
  • How should remote performance management be structured?
  • What questions should managers ask their employees?
  • How to collect, verify, analyze, and draw insights from performance management data

1:10 pm

Interactive breakout discussions

1:30 pm

Panel discussion: People analytics – using employee data to draw valuable insights

Today, we are inundated with data, especially with all the surveys that organizations are doing to gather employee feedback. However, not everything may be relevant or helpful for the business. Analytics may seem overwhelming to leaders unfamiliar with the field — especially with the sheer amount of data we are exposed to these days. This session will help HR leaders cut through the noise and draw out what is useful for the organization.

  • How can leaders be better at applying the data to their work?
  • Identifying the needs and opportunities of your business
  • Recognizing when a consultive approach to data collection is required
  • How can leaders choose the ‘best’ and ‘right’ metrics when working with data?

Susan Knolla

Director People Analytics & Compensation, J.D. Irving

Nicolas Bremmer

Senior People Data Scientist, Uber

Hannah Yardley

VP People and Culture, FlyBits

Fiona Umoh

Senior HR People and Business Intelligence Analyst, FedEx

2:15 pm

Lunch break

2:45 pm

Panel discussion: Reinventing HR for a digital landscape

Activities like recruiting and onboarding have changed significantly. These activities, as well as performance management and even employee discipline and termination, have traditionally relied heavily on in-person conversations. What does best practice digital HR look like today?

  • What technology allows for HR to stay connected and updated on employee productivity?
  • Changing the way your organization’s culture is structured to make it inclusive to both remote and in-house employees
  • How to recreate the experience of spontaneous interactions to foster a collaborative, creative, and innovative environment

Vanessa Gilardi

Head of HR Wealth Management International & Global Asset Management, RBC

Jim Reid

Chief HR Officer, Rogers Communications

Susan Knolla

Director People Analytics & Compensation, J.D. Irving

3:30 pm

Interactive breakout discussions

Discussion 1: Trimming off the fat in your organization’s systems and processes It is imperative for HR leaders to review unproductive and wasteful internal HR processes, particularly in a time of lean budgets. What is Canada’s top HR teams doing to introduce leaner, more agile, and responsive processes that are in tune with employee and organizational needs? This session will address:

  • Outlining lean processes for the HR function
  • What technologies are useful for your team and how to unify into existing systems
  • Auditing your subscriptions
  • Identify the organization’s goals and priorities to inform your technological needs

3:50 pm

Achieving a work-life balance to promote positive well-being

Technology has been instrumental over the last year when it comes to maintaining connection with a remote workforce. However, educating employees around the value of wellbeing and maintaining work-life balance has become a focus for a lot of HR teams over the last year.

  • How partnerships can provide digital tools to help promote and educate wellbeing
  • Setting up digital boundaries
  • Creating top-down strategies throughout your organisation
  • Setting targets to measurably establish work-life balance

4:20 pm

Conference concludes and feedback from prize winner is announced

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