ADP Canada gives organizations of every size the tools to help their people thrive. From basic payroll and processes to complex people management systems and analytics, we help business leaders make better decisions and focus on strategic priorities.

Our clients trust ADP to manage critical back office functions, including payroll, time and attendance talent and performance management and reporting. Business leaders also look to ADP to provide strategic insights and expertise to help them build and inspire the workforce they need for long-term growth and success.

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Accessible Workplace Mental Health Therapy. At Your Fingertips.

Therapist Assisted internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TAiCBT) is therapy delivered by a therapist through a digital platform. With BEACON™ each client is paired with a single dedicated, registered mental health professional for the duration of their treatment. This pairing allows our therapists to truly customize treatment plans to each client need or requirement.

BEACON™ is a digital mental healthcare solution (iCBT).

  • Digitally delivered. Accessed by phone, tablet, or computer, Beacon provides clients with assessment, diagnosis, and tailored therapy from a registered therapist.
  • A proven approach. Through BEACON, therapists provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a clinically-proven method designed to improve mood and anxiety concerns – typically within 8-12 weeks.
  • Dedicated therapy. BEACON therapists are all registered mental health professionals. They create and modify personalized care paths for clients, while providing 1:1 guidance.
  • Effective programs. BEACON provides tailored therapy for mental illnesses including Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Outcome-driven. Quarterly reports provide an anonymized, aggregate level to highlight where mental health concerns are impacting your organization. Our data also shows BEACON’s overall impact on organizational wellness.

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Payworks is a leading expert in the field of total workforce management solutions, providing cloud-based Payroll, HR, Employee Time and Absence Management to more than 19,000 businesses across Canada. Fully integrated, Payworks solutions will help save you time and effort while managing your entire workforce. Payworks has been a Canada’s Best Managed Companies winner since 2012.

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VIP Integrated HCM – Providing clients with The Perfect Fit solution

What happens when you have unique business practices that just don’t fit within the “one size fits all” HCM solutions that flood the market place?

It’s simple – you need to change your unique business practices to conform to the software! That’s always seemed kind of backwards to us at DLGL – like the tail wagging the dog…

Shouldn’t the software be able to conform to your unique business practices, especially when the uniqueness is an absolute must for your business?

At DLGL, we have always recognized that clients will have unique requirements and so have built our VIP solution such that it can be easily tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

Why settle for an ill-fitting solution when you can get the perfect fit?

For more information about our VIP Solution, please visit our website at or contact us at or at (450) 979-4646.



The Applauz Employee Recognition Platform is the only free platform that allows SMB’s to put more money into the actual rewards and recognition side of employee engagement. We offer a platform where you can publicly recognize employees for their amazing contributions, and where all the money you spend on Employee Engagement gets directly transferred to your employee offerings. With our innovative platform, we allow all our clients to run campaigns, onboard employees and recognize those same employees 100% free of charge. You only pay for the tangible gifts you offer to your employee via our proprietary point system. In order to calculate how much money you will save by introducing our platform to your company, check out our ROI calculator here. Save on absenteeism and disengaged employees by putting more of your budget directly into the hands of your employees via the best gifts and name brands you can see on the market.

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Ultimate Software’s cloud-based UltiPro helps simplify and improve work experiences for everyone. With UltiPro, you can deliver personalised recruiting and onboarding experiences, guide employees through important benefits choices, simplify complex payroll computations, efficiently manage time and attendance, support continuous performance management and development, and build proactive succession plans for the future. Most importantly, UltiPro’s solutions are supported by powerful business intelligence and reporting to help drive smarter, people-focused business results. Perfect for businesses with Canada-based locations and/or employees, UltiPro’s solutions comply with HR legislation governed by the Canada Labour Code and Provincial/Territorial Employment Standards Acts.

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Kronos is a global provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Kronos industry-centric workforce applications are purpose-built for businesses, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and government agencies of all sizes. We believe great businesses are powered by great people. To be a great business, you need to create and manage an engaged workforce. So we make workforce solutions that are purpose built for your industry and all your employees. Kronos is uniquely qualified to empower both employees and employers in working toward that one unified goal that leads to better business outcomes. How? By providing the industry’s most complete offering of cloud solutions that meet the human capital management and workforce management needs of organizations. Tens of thousands of organizations — including half of the Fortune 1000 ® — and more than 40 million people in over 100 countries use Kronos every day. Visit Kronos: Workforce Innovation That Works™.



They say that your company’s biggest asset walks out of the door every evening. If that’s true, then surely it makes sense to protect your greatest business asset. Let HRWize help to differentiate yourself from the competition. Make your staff more valuable to you – and make them feel more valued by you.

HRWize allows you to perform all the basic and complex HR functions. From employee contact information, time management, applicant tracking fully integrated to your career page, training, performance and succession planning – you can be assured the information you want will always be just a click away. With all that vital information at your fingertips, you can truly turn your employees into a competitive advantage and have them focus on their core skills.

HRWize brings your organization a comprehensive HR product along with aligned expertise to help you seamlessly implement programs and processes which will make your entire organization more efficient.

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Modulus Data is the recognized expert in data integration for HR applications. We’re also a Canadian company with headquarters in Québec. We serve clients throughout Canada, America, and the world.


Any company who wants to save time and money by streamlining their HR processes to avoid manual double data entry between HR applications benefits from Modulus Data’s services.


To maximize value for clients, Modulus Data focuses exclusively on integrating HR applications. It’s all we do. If you have any HR data integration challenges, talk with the experts at Modulus Data, where we say, “Everything Connects.”


In addition to our data integration expertise, Modulus Data is chosen for our next-generation, hosted Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) called Modulus Connect. Modulus Connect goes beyond scheduled file transfers to create real-time data sharing between HR apps.


Our prebuilt connectors also allow for rapid integration in under 4 weeks and require no allocation of internal IT resources to create or maintain an integration.


Some of the HR apps that we already have prebuilt connectors for include: ADP, Ascendify, Greenhouse, HR Bamboo, iCIMS, Oracle HCM, Taleo, Service Now, Ultipro, and Workday.


Contact Modulus Data to connect your HR apps and never re-enter HR data again.



UPnGO with ParticipACTION is a workplace wellness program designed to positively impact your workplace culture by getting your workforce sitting less and moving more. Using a unique behavioural-science approach, delivered off and online, reaching the entire workplace, UPnGO provides year-round engagement through monthly themed programming including personal and group challenges, step tracking, social support, and rewards. The program helps participants understand and overcome barriers to physical activity and make healthy, long-lasting behaviour changes over time, leading to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.


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Bridge by Instructure is an innovative, outcome-focused talent management platform that empowers businesses to develop their workforce, ensure a better employee experience, and increase employee retention through performance and learning management software. That way, businesses take care of their most valuable asset—their people.

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If your workforce is in Canada, then your people management cloud should be in Canada too.
Avanti Software’s cloud-based solution helps Canadian organizations take back control of their Payroll and HR processes.


From Hire to Retire.
Avanti helps you manage every aspect of the employee lifecycle from a unified secure database for Payroll, HR, and time tracking. Empower your managers to efficiently hire, schedule, and manage their employees with our Self-Service portal. From there, employees can easily access company documents, check their pay statements, and so much more.


With our robust reporting capabilities, if the data is in Avanti, then you can build a report on it. That means you get the insights you and your stakeholders need now, not weeks later from a service provider.


Become a People Management Superhero and take your Payroll, HR, and employee experience to new heights in Avanti’s Canadian Cloud. Talk to us today.


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Sage Business Cloud People enables mid-size, multinational companies to manage workforces through its global, cloud HR and people system, transforming how organizations acquire, engage, manage and develop their employees. Implemented quickly and simple to use, the award-winning system increases workforce visibility, HR productivity and provides better experiences across the entire workforce.

Sage Business Cloud People is a fully integrated, end-to-end HR and People system based on the Salesforce App Cloud which delivers a holistic, consistent experience across the entire employment journey. It automates a wide range of processes, including talent acquisition, engagement, management, development, and planning – supporting international requirements and local regulations. Its consolidated global reporting, dashboards and people analytics provide real-time actionable insights across your workforce.

Quick to implement and Intuitive to use on any device, Sage Business Cloud People helps customers become great employer brands, increase engagement, performance, and retention, while making it easier to acquire top talent.

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At Ceridian, we create innovative technology that organizations around the world use to attract, develop, manage and pay their people. Our award-winning Dayforce solution is a global human capital management platform that transforms the employee experience. It unifies data from across the entire employee lifecycle to enable better decision-making at every level. Dayforce is a comprehensive cloud platform that combines HR, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management in a single application. Our scalable platform is built with a single, flexible rules engine combined with real-time updates and calculations that help address complex regulatory requirements.

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Culture Amp helps you make your company a better place to work. By making it easy to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback, we enable HR leaders to make better decisions, demonstrate impact, and turn company culture into a competitive edge. Culture Amp's on-demand platform is designed and supported by psychologists and data scientists to help you build an employee feedback program that will work for your organization. Working with Culture Amp allows you to tap in to the creativity and experience of over 1,800 innovative companies using Culture Amp to put culture first today.

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Wello is a provider of virtual healthcare services, helping people get well when they’re sick and keep well over the long term. Wello’s easy and convenient healthcare services are accessible by phone and video visits and by secure webchat saving individuals and their families time and stress by avoiding unnecessary visits to a medical clinic.

Our team of expert nurse practitioners provide high-quality primary healthcare services including diagnosing and treating medical conditions, and they can even provide prescriptions or refer patients to specialists when medically necessary. We go beyond episodic care and provide proactive “keep well” services like dedicated follow-up, wellness coaching, and mental health support.

Wello is an innovative health benefit that employers can add to their employees’ health benefits plans and through personalized benefits plans such as health spending accounts (HSAs).

Backed by 40 years of experience in delivering award-winning corporate health services, Wello is a 100% Canadian company headquartered in Calgary with an office in Toronto. We provide virtual healthcare services for Canadians in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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Simplify your recruiting process by partnering with the University of Toronto Arts & Science Co-op program. We offer the unique option of 4, 8 or 12-month work terms, allowing you to choose the duration that best suits your organization’s projects and needs. Students are available year-round from 35 programs including our top-ranked Computer Science, Math, and Statistics programs.

Our recruiting process is simple: recruit according to your timelines and make offers to your chosen candidate – we’ll handle the rest. From posting to hiring, we can help you find a great fit in as few as 10 days.

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Free all-in-one solution for your HR needs.

JobsMedia optimizes the entire staffing processes with a free applicant tracking system (ATS) and a collaborative recruitment software.

Develop your employer brand and make efficient data-driven decisions.

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Comprehensive solutions to help you become an employer of choice

Your HR department plays a critical role in your company’s success. We know that great tools and sound advice can make all the difference when it comes to your employees’ well-being.

Whether your company has 1, 10, 1,000 employees or more, Desjardins can help you navigate the new realities of the job market and become an employer of choice. Our products and services will give you a solid overview of your workforce to help you better manage your employees and show them you care about their well-being.

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Cangaroo is an Insurtech aiming to improve your employee’s experience within your organization by simplifying human resource management. Our revolutionary business model gives our customers access to our tools without paying a monthly fee should they choose us as their group insurance and pension plan broker. Our HRIS, our ATS and our Time & Presence Management System are designed to lead towards a single goal : simplifying day to day tasks for SMEs.

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Create a human-focused workplace.

OfficeAccord is a mobile web app designed to help organizations create a human-focused workplace by providing a dedicated and efficient tool for employees to post and find housing, classifieds, ride shares, events, conversations, discounts, and more. Centralize all of your non-core business communication into one easy to use mobile solution. Go beyond mass emails and endless comment threads to help employees connect and stay informed. OfficeAccord is being used by some of the worlds top organizations to enhance their employee culture, job satisfaction and communication.

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Hired is a marketplace that matches tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies. Hired combines intelligent job matching with unbiased career counseling to help people find a job they love. Through Hired, job candidates and companies have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities and job details. This level of insight is unmatched, making the recruiting process quicker and more efficient than ever before

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WalkMe is the pioneer of the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) — an enterprise-class guidance, engagement, insights and automation platform. As the digital revolution transforms the workplace and customer preferences, WalkMe’s holistic approach simplifies enterprise systems, customer-facing sites, desktop platforms, and mobile applications for the overwhelmed user.

WalkMe’s DAP enables the creation of interactive on-screen sequences that guide and engage users throughout any digital experience. Powered by AI and machine learning, WalkMe’s context-intelligent algorithm streamlines digital adoption internally and externally, ensuring that the right users receive the right information exactly at the moment of need. With WalkMe, employees are more efficient and productive, customers stay loyal and engaged, and businesses enjoy the full value of their digital assets.

WalkMe’s platform is used by over 2,000 companies including 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies across all industries.

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TecHR Series covers contemporary and futuristic scenarios in the HR technology realm. We cover the emerging trends and latest developments in HR Technology via news, interviews and HR tech primers to stimulate greater interaction between HR teams and employees.

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OrigamAI keeps you on the pulse of employee mood and engagement

Your people are the core of your business. But showing up for work doesn’t mean that everyone is mentally healthy and professionally engaged. Research shows that only 2 in 5 employees are working at peak performance.

Poor mental health, stress and burnout, low morale, and personality conflicts can create a toxic culture and directly impact the ability of employees to work productively and synergistically with others. The ripple effects from an unhealthy workforce have the power to derail a company’s path forward.

A first-of-its-kind analytics platform, OrigamAI is a survey-based assessment tool aimed at helping organizations understand what is really going on beneath the veneer. Combining psychometrics, engagement metrics and indicators for mental well-being, OrigamAI provides real-time, qualitative employee data to help drive informed actions in the workplace.

  • Get results aggregated by team, align people into groups (e.g. emerging leaders) or review results through the lens of a project team
  • Create a stronger, engaged workforce with insights around Professional Skills Hierarchy, Leadership Hierarchy, Emerging Leaders, Employee Sentiment, and alignment with company goals
  • Identify key gaps in workplace well-being and understand the interpersonal dynamics and effects currently existing in the workplace

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TELUS Employer Solutions (TES) is a leading provider of talent management solutions and HR business process outsourcing to the public and private sectors. With almost two decades of established experience, our team of HR practitioners delivers fully-customized, integrated, end-to-end process and support services for HR, payroll, talent management, HR contact centre, human capital management software, and application management. As your trusted partner, we deliver the expertise and technology you need to amplify your focus on HR strategy, provide a superior yet cost-effective employee experience, and support your core business.

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Have you ever been frustrated with your organization’s work efficiency? Do you have ideas that could streamline the workflow of your team? 7 Simple Machines (7SM) is here to help “intrapreneurs” realize opportunities and solve problems efficiently and elegantly. Working together, we leverage subject matter expertise to innovate solutions to improve business workflow and productivity.

7SM is a privately-held software development company which provides custom software solutions for businesses in need of modernizing inefficient systems and processes, or consolidate legacy platforms after an acquisition. We have been serving clients, locally and nationwide, in private enterprise, healthcare, and non-profit and government sectors for almost two decades. Unlike many technology companies that offer either business advice or technology solutions, 7SM does both. With extensive experience building and supporting large-scale benefits and retirement applications while working across multiple vendor platforms, 7SM can inform good business decisions and provide the right technology solution. Our mission is to provide superior software, services, and expertise to establish company-wide efficiency and develop new opportunities through technology innovation.

We are always excited to learn about ideas and opportunities, strategize and work with you to build a solution. When your organization is ready to scale, innovate, or simply become more efficient, 7SM is the comprehensive technology partner to help you meet your strategic, operational, and technological goals. We invite you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our CEO, Karim Lessard. Simply email us at We would love to hear from you!

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Zoho is the operating system for business — a single online platform capable of running an entire business. Zoho has over 40+ cloud applications in every major business category, including sales, marketing, customer support, HR, accounting and back office operations. Not just that, it also has to its credit an array of productivity and collaboration tools.

Zoho's HR suite of applications consisting of Zoho Recruit and Zoho People have been designed for organizations to find the best talent, manage workforce efficiently and ensure best collaboration between the teams.

Zoho Recruit - Recruitment re-imagined
Put an end to handling reams of paperwork and emails in your hiring process. Streamline recruitment with Zoho Recruit's comprehensive platform that automates talent sourcing, applicant tracking and hiring. Post jobs, send out assessments, track interviews, roll out offer letters and much more - all from a single platform.

Zoho People - People management at its best
Great people management improves productivity. From on-boarding to performance reviews, attendance management to time tracking, Zoho People helps you direct your best assets. Get the self-service edge and make strategic decisions.

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SPARKX5 is a transformative technology and strategy consulting company. We are architects of exponential growth for our clients. We are transforming the future of work, and creating high vitality, and high performance, cultures.

We believe in expanding human potential, and with this in mind have created the SPARKX5 well-being application. Our application reduces stress, enhances productivity, and enables employees to thrive personally and professionally. It is currently available in English and French. Via the daily micro-wisdoms and challenges delivered through videos, employees can take daily micro-steps towards personal transformation.

SPARKX5 not only contributes to human flourishing, and peak performance, we also contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as we donate a portion of our revenues, on our client’s behalf, to support charities that plant trees, donate meals to food banks, and support education for underprivileged kids.

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JobDiva for HR is technology meant to help achieve your corporate goals and vision—for those who accomplish excellence in HR.

With JobDiva for HR, create a more diverse workforce. Fill all your open seats, and fill them in record time. Make sure your talent is always the right fit. Plus much more.

JobDiva for HR is a leading innovator in Talent Acquisition technology. JobDiva for HR delivers the technology that futuristic HR thinkers, Talent Acquisition innovators and proud HR leaders will want to adopt.

JobDiva for HR is built and designed from the ground up to rapidly reduce the distance between a candidate and their ideal job. This technology embodies innovations which the HR sphere has not seen before; and they run ahead of the market, sure to define the future. JobDiva for HR provides a radically new experience: in addition to cloud-based software tools, a life-changing product, service and framework for Talent Acquisition professionals.

If you’re a future-facing organization, you’ve been waiting for the power, agility and ease offered by JobDiva for HR. Well, good news It’s here.

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Salesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way.

For more information about Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) visit:


Sun Life Financial is a leading international financial services organization providing insurance, wealth and asset management solutions to individual and corporate Clients. Sun Life Financial has operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of December 31, 2018, Sun Life Financial had total assets under management of $951 billion.

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Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.


Employ makes hiring fun and efficient for deskless teams.

Job seekers can experience an employer’s branding and profile, check out their locations, and quickly apply for roles by snapping a short video response. It’s seamless to connect, interview, and get hired - all from a phone.

Employers can use their brand and video profiles to attract the best talent and efficiently identify high-intent candidates by reviewing short video applications. They can instantly chat with selected applicants and conduct live audio and video interviews to hire the right team member quickly.

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Together makes it simple for companies to deploy and manage a best-practice employee mentoring program. In particular, Together’s mentoring software helps take care of mentor and mentee registration, pairing, development guidance, and reporting.

Mentoring has been proven to have a significant impact on a number of key business results such as employee retention, productivity, and diversity. With Together, not only are you able to help drive these benefits by getting the most out of a mentoring program, but you’re also able to report on the impact that mentoring is having.

Most employees we know don’t want another app or portal they have to remember and learn to use. That’s why we have developed Together to work seamlessly through the tools employees already use every day (Email, Calendar, & Instant Messengers).

For administrators, we integrate with your existing core HR system to minimize administration and ensure data accuracy across systems.

Together is a MaRs supported venture, headquartered in Toronto, Canada and is proud to support the Canadian economy with 100% of its products being designed and developed in Canada.

To date, we have helped numerous companies globally improve mentoring including companies like EllisDon, CPPIB, and Randstad here in Canada

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EMP Trust HR Solutions is a software technology company that provides Human Resources Solutions & Services for a global workforce. Our secure solutions help companies recruit and hire talent, electronically complete new hire onboarding paperwork , manage talent and comply with Labor, Immigration, Export Controls regulations.

In addition, we provide electronic Form I-9 & E-Verify (U.S), Benefits Management, WOTC, Background checks and integration to ATS, Payroll and Time & Attendance, for a seamless flow of information, on a secure SaaS platform.

Our solution provides a completely paperless solution with automation of internal tasks, a branded new hire portal with your branding/logos, custom welcome messages, and video embeds on an easy to use HRIS platform. We support any device including desktops, tablets, and phones with no software to install.

We help companies comply with regulations and provides tools for workforce management to maximize employee efficiency, reduce costs and improves your business processes.

EMPTrust provides a complete suite of solutions and services including business critical applications for Federal, State, Enterprise companies, Federal contractors, Small and Medium Businesses.

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WorkForce Software is making work easy for the evolving global workforce.

Our cloud-based WorkForce Suite empowers employees and managers to digitize time and labor processes, optimize demand-driven scheduling, simplify absence management, and enable strategic business insight.

Delivering real-time insights, packaged domain expertise, and future-proof capabilities to meet ever-changing business needs, WorkForce Software equips organizations to reduce labor costs, demonstrate compliance, and boost employee engagement—all while maximizing operational efficiencies.

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Freelance team management for enterprise. Manage and track all freelance and team work activity with a birds-eye view across your organization.

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